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27.02.2015 Shopaholic.guru
Between heaven and earth

Blue is the new black. Try to mix it with beige and chocolate brown. Nature proves its harmonic and pleasing to the eye combination (sky and soil, butterflies, birds, etc)

02.02.2015 Free time
Bag anathomy with Iya Yots

We continue the journey into the bags of saint-petersburg celebrities. Today fashion designer Iya Yots openes her inside world...

Iya Yots

Iya Yots is fashion designer living and working in Saint-Petersburg (city of rains and silver fogs). She doesn't like boring clothes and discreet colors. Her collection are colorful and bright. Collection names are 100% right to the theme - " In the sky", "Rainbow wings". Every item gives your feeling of incredible lightness and provoke to change yourself immediatelly...


11.12.2014 Shopaholic guru
New Year presents by Iya Yots

We are looking for the holidays and are pleased to present what petersburg top fashion houses prepare for new year presents. First is Iya Yots...

26.09.2014 Shopaholic guru
Iya Yots flower woman

Sometimes we meet special people who has their own mystery without any stereotypes. At Iya Yots is the person. We use a chance to speak about trends, beauty, etc during our preparation for wonderful photoshoot.

07.07.2014 Sobaka.ru
Title public

Designer from Sain't-Petersburg Iya Yots presented new collection lookbook with Anna Belotserkovets - top model and Ginza project design director. Photoset was made in luxury interiors of Four sesons loin palace hotel.

Iya Yots for Love Republic

Designer Iya Yots presented new collection in collaboration wirh mass-market brand Love Republic. Presentation was made in Iya Yots monobrand store jn Bolshoy av. 16/1

03.06.2013 Time Out
I want this lamp

"Light gives the style to every space, like a right accessorize in fashion outfit" - said Danuta Dithen author of "I want this lamp" project. She is sure that petersburg designers shouldn't ficus only on clothes.

Artificial light is victory on all grey colors and spleen, we have been used to it since childhood and thanks to lamps and light we can create the unique space and your own style by pushing the button.

14.03.2013 Krasivo. Spb
Interview with Iya Yots

Fashion house Iya Yots is fashion Klondaike in Saint-Petersburg. Designer and founder of Fashion House Iya Yots loves color mixes and have great fashion style...

01.12.2012 Cosmo
Designer Iya Yots

The easiest way to change your life is to buy "new" dress! You should know how to be different. And every time I try not to copy myself

Astral love

Love theme is the main note in her creative story which all is focused to the sence make hearts burn and souls fly. Her new collection is about astral love, connecting hearts on the deep metaphysical level.

04.02.2012 Na Nevskom
Love in orange

The world authority in color trends researshes Pantone Institute forecasts 2012 as orange year...

Defile Kamerton

Kamerton collection by Iya Yots was presented.

01.02.2011 Cosmopolitan
Russian fashion

Fourth time Societa Italia company presented Russian Fashion Festival in Milan.

15.03.2010 Shopping Spb
Summer winter by Iya Yots

Sometimes I offer to my guest the one concrete style. He can try few variants but always choose the first one. Sometimes I offer various looks for choice... I just show the client how she can look - said Iya Yots.

07.10.2009 Svadba club
Iya Yots brave designer

Iya Yots is one of the designers, who decided to use black in romantic "Bride" collection. Bride is the mood - gives comment the designer about it. The contrast of black and white is very important for the designer. But don't be affraid, you can find more traditional styles and variants in her boutique.

02.10.2009 Marry
Brave and talented

Wedding is not only very important personal moment, but also the greatest public event of your life, and you should look perfect. You are the main person!

01.05.2009 Interbusiness
Breaking the rules

Girls like to spend hours in front of the mirror, try mother's dresses, style friend's wardrobes and dream to be fashion designers. One of them tired to dream and took a risk.

03.04.2008 Sobaka.ru
Iya Yots

The impulse for collection creation are the thoughts about love theme, what are expressed in the image of bride.

06.06.2006 Mixton
People affraid to be unappreciated

Words are material! We all heard about it, but when life shows it in reality we are absolutely shoked.

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